• Resources and Facilities

ü Operational hours of the computer room
Notes for utilizing the computer room:
a.             a. To maintain the cleanliness of the computer room, it is not allowed to bring food and beverages, and only sugar-free mineral water can be carried inside the room.
b.            b. During non-operational hours, the student may borrow the key from the department office and return it after finished using the facility. If the student needs to use the computer room during the            holiday time, they must register to the department office on the previous working day to borrow maximum for three consecutive days.
ü Other matters: room and site borrowing procedure and management is regulated based on the convention on the utilization of computer and discussion rooms of the Department of Public Management and Policy, Tunghai University.
ü Room Booking
a.           a. Options
         1. Computer room: SS313-1A
         2.Seminar room: SS310 (for air-conditioning, the student needs to bring their electricity card)
         3.Discussion room: SS313-1C (inside the Computer room), SS317, SS502
b.         b. Form for Room Booking (Download)
         1.Bachelor student
            Five-years consecutive application form
            Application Form for Student Course Replacement
            Leave form (excluding final exam)
            Student Emergency Bailout Application
            Student Association Temporary Pass Application Form
            Tunghai University Vehicle Admission Application Form (Lecturer, Tour Bus, etc.)
         2.Master student
            Scholarship Application Form
            Approval to be a Supervisor
            Thesis Format
            Thesis Defense Application form
            Paper and Research Plan Application Form
            Journals with review system